Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression, in the northeastern corner of Ethiopia, has the distinction of being the hottest place on earth, with recorded temperatures of 125 degrees. It's sometimes called "the gateway to Hell." The lava lake in the Erta Ale volcano is one of only 4 living lava lakes in the world.Danakil Depression: The Danakil Depression is a geological depression, near theHorn of Africa and is also a part of the Great Rift Valley. Afar is well known as one of the cradles of hominids, and contains the site of Hadar, where Lucy, the fossilized specimen of Australopithecus afarensis was found. The depression includes the lowest point in Africa, Lake Asal at 155m below sea level. The Awash River flows into the Danakil depression where is ends in a series of lakes. It is the only river to run its entire course within Ethiopia’s borders. The Danakil Depression has very low levels of rainfall and experiences very high temperatures, the cooler ‘rainy’ season running from September til March, and the dry season for the rest of the year when temperatures often reach the high 40s (Centigrade). Tigray: The northern most region of Ethiopia, the region is home to the Tigrayan people. With Eritrea bordering to the north

While many of the world's hot spots are located in deserts, where temperature extremes between day and night are just as dramatic as the extreme temperatures experienced during either, Dallol has an average low temperature of 87°F, which is hotter than many places on Earth ever get.


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